Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Recent Stock Market Actions 5-17-2016

As written in my previous blog dated on April, 26th I was expecting a short term drop in the market to bring the SP500 down to the 2000 level.  Currently, as of May 17th, the SP500 is at 2044.  This move downward was an approximate drop of 3%.  It is possible that the market will still reach the 2000 level.  In fact, we might hit 2000 this week, which is why I am writing this blog now.  The time is now to position your portfolio for the next market move.

My expectation is that within one or two weeks the market will start to head dramatically higher.  I fully expect that the SP500 will get to 2400.  This move will add approximately 17% to the SP500 from current levels.

Make your portfolio allocations now to get ready for this dramatic move to the upside. 

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